How to plant a cherry

Fruiting of cherries largely depends on the place of landing on the site. Wrong selection leads to poor growth and low yields. The cherry root system, located close to the surface, is sensitive to drought. Therefore, loosening after watering produce extremely carefully.
In the gardens of our country local varieties prevail, winter-hardy: Octave, Bagryanaya, Kent, Shubinka, Rossoshanskaya Chernaya, Rusinka, Polevka, Molodezhnaya, Malinovka, Prima , "Turgenevka", "Lyubskaya", "Zhukovskaya", "Generous".

How to plant a pear

Most species of pears known to summer residents do not impose special requirements on the exposure and composition of the soil. But it is better to take root and grow pear trees on humus-rich, loose soils and well-lit areas. Young plants do not tolerate drought. In the first years they need to be watered plentifully and often. Pears begin to bear fruit at the age of 3-8 years.
As a result of hybridization of species, specialists in the field of selection have developed a huge number of interesting varieties. Among the popular ones are: “Pear Klappa Favorite”, “Lada Pear”, “Nectar Pear”, “Cathedral”, “Allegro”, “Dibrovskaya”, “Beauty Chernenko”.

How to plant an apple tree

Skoroplodny varieties of some apple trees can bloom in the first spring. But they are not yet sufficiently developed to form a full harvest in the fall. Therefore, for a good survival rate, the buds are cut off even before their blooming. In the second year (provided that the plant develops without problems), a couple of dozen flowers are left on the tree.

Among the most easily adaptable varieties of apple trees are the following: “Grushovka Moskovskaya”, “Antonovka ordinary”, “Summer striped”, “Cranberry”, “Dessert Isaeva”, “Gift of Grafsky”, “Cinnamon New”. Good varieties: "Chinese Kerr", "Arkadik", "Oval", "Medunitsa" and "Candy".

How to grow a tree from seed

Well ripened seeds are washed and soaked in a stimulating solution for three days (at the same time, water is changed daily). In the autumn they plant immediately. For planting in the spring of several months stored in the freezer for stratification.

Keep in mind that trees grown by themselves from seeds, grow very tall. Indeed, unlike the cultivated fruit breeds that all nurseries offer, they were not initially grafted onto a dwarf stock.